Super Cute Stitches

Look what I’ve found, 5 minutes ago.

Need super cute ideas for hand embroidery? , please VISIT this SUPER CUTE BLOG ever 😀

I stared for minutes at this creation


Super cute isnt it? and I really wanna learn how to do hand stitches , eeeerr I wish I have enough time at home =.=

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*another Greeting

it’s been 3 months since my last post, such a bad blogger, sorry. I spent my last 2 months as creative designer in Char&Coll. Actually, it was a fun experience  although now i have to resign from that company due to some reasons =D. I want to share some of my creation during my time in Char&Coll. My task were creating bags and other stuff design and also creating ads for the products. Here are some of my ads designs :

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Plushie by Judith’s art

since my last post, I like to feature some people’s artwork in my blog. It can be craft, drawing, mural, handmade jewelry, handmade clothes and so on. What ever it is, as long as it was a DIY /handmade project by the creator and i like it, i will feature the stuff and perhaps their blogs too here 🙂

on this post im gonna feature my friend’s plushie project.

Watta cute plushies, psst I also ordered cow fat plushie from her,

Cute isn’t it??

She also have some plushie tutorial, so we can start make some plushies too. Most of the plushies that she created, was made by soft towel. I wondering, when will i try to sew something? hahaha, yeaa im kinda allergic to the whole-needle-things :p. You can check her blog too.

with ❤


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Drawing by Datelatte

DateLatte is my little friend that I met from Petsociety’s game forum. Why i said she is little? yeah because in fact, she is has a little posture, she looks cute with her braces. And now she just graduated from her high school and preparing an exam for her favorite university. She really likes to draw, and here are some drawing made by her.

You can visit her page in deviantart. Will update for her artwork later 🙂



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New Button for the Blog

yuhuuu, I Come with my new badge a.k.a button

u can grab the link here

feel free to grab it and show it on your blog, but let me know first, well at least you can add some comment on this post, so i can post your button in return 🙂

let’s swap the button 🙂

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Sushi Rings

New Post again, felting felting and felting again, It seems like I got trap with this fabric :))

when I addicted to sushi *Japanese Food*, I became addict to all the things related to this food, and using some flanel fabric, I created some rings :). And suddenly I really missed salmon sushi and aburi salmon roll in Sushi Tei :((

I made Salmon Roll Wannabe Ring and Triple Triangle Assorted Sushi Ring. I’m planning to get another sushi jewelry collections.

When I take a look to my triangle ring, it is looks like a clover leaf. My new lucky charm, cute kawaii. There also sushi hp straps and sushi key chain, but i haven’t take the picture of it , may be on the next post.

Have an ARTCRAFT blog?? leave a comment, I will blog walking to yours, and put it in my blog roll 🙂

happy crafting people 🙂

with ❤


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Rainbow bubble

Well, now I as fresh-graduated student got officially nothing to do at home, except crafting =), then I realized that I made some hama beads colorful circles last week at my friend’s dorm. I checked for some short chain to bundle it together with the beads and I also added some stuff like little gold bell. And voila One cute bracelet have been made ^^. I named it Rainbow bubble, why? because it has red, pink, orange, yellow, neon yellow, light green, light blue, dark blue and purple. Say HELLO to my new bracelet =)

with ❤


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